Process Serving

Divine Legal Solutions Inc., is able to handle the service of your documents throughout Ontario, North America and worldwide.

Please Note - The fees listed are not inclusive of disbursements, courier charges or long distance charges made on your behalf. All Prices within Canada are subject to the Goods and Services Tax (HST). We reserve the right to charge additional fees where additional time and effort is required on your file.

Within the GTA and surrounding areas $50.00
Affidavit (downtown Toronto) $10.00
Alternate Service $5.00
Additonal Affidavits (if required) $10.00
Rush Service Fee (per hour) $35.00
Mileage per kilometer $1.20

Handling Fees

Within Ontario $50.00
Within Canada $60.00
International $70.00



Please Note- All Services include 3 attempts & Affidavit of Service